Sunday, 22 May 2011

ARGO: Characters and Cut-Scenes

So here I am, ready to create. I choose Noblian after coming to my senses and realizing that the reason that I am interested in this MMO is because of the tech edge. I wanted Sci-Fi, something a little fresh. High Fantasy is so strong in MMOs it's almost hard to avoid. I have nothing against that, but it get's kinda tiring when one of your first few quests are kill 10 Goblins. I don't want to kill any more Goblins. That's not saying ARGO won't have any, chances are it will have a Goblin substitute. Perhaps they'll be a Gobin or something to that effect. Anyway, I can't see shit without a character, so It's about time I took a look.

As I mentioned before, the art direction looks a little strange in regards to how they are armoured. It looks like the A-Team outfitted them in the garage using lawnmower parts and bug zappers. But hey, the actual polish and quality is more than fair. They models look good. They are clean.

Not to break the trend, ARGO has pretty much what you would expect with it's classes. The usual are all there; The Paladin, Rogue, Hunter, Babarian type and so on, just some renaming to help them fit in. So for the Noblians, we have; Warrior, Protector, Scholar, Bomber, Explorer, Chaser, Paladin and Priest. They're pretty self explanatory and it is easy to see who is who bar a few exceptions. The Explorer seems to be a Hunter/Ranger of some kind, the Chaser is a Rogue and the bomber might be a Mage. I'm not sure. But see for yourself.

At this point, I notice that I can select "Previous Screen". This is pleasing, all the arseing around I did before choosing a Faction in the first place was a wasn't necessary. A fault of my own, but it still wouldn't have hurt to have information of some kind on the website. So anyway, I take full advantage of this as I should, and return to the "Previous Screen". The previous screen here being the Faction select screen. Now, this next thing kind of bothers me. I have to watch the cutscene again. The one before the Faction select. So it isn't "Previous Screen" at all. It should be called "Cutscene". No, not really, that would have been stupid. But it should have fucking said "Press ESC to Skip". That would have been some pretty useful information at this point.

Anyway, I'm back at the Faction select and this time choose Floresslah. Why not, let's see what the deal is. First is the cutscene, now the line-up. As expected, it's the same bunch just rejigged in some fancy armour. I wasn't really expecting the look that they were given. Not that it isn't original, I just expected something a little more generic. Instead it's like some kind of organic weaponry and armour. They have guns and stuff, but now they look a bit more natural looking, actually they just look like lasers. I don't like this look. I don't like the armour either. It looks like something from Hercules, the TV show with big Kev Sorbo. It's rubbery. Even though that wouldn't matter at all as it's not trying to convince me that it's real. It's a game. How can it look rubbery. I'm a twat.

Well, I'd finished looking and felt comfortable with my original choice. So I clicked the "Cutscene" button and watched a couple more before I was able to get to the character select screen. At this point I still didn't know that pressing Escape would skip it. This might be common PC or MMO knowledge, I don't know. But I wouldn't mind being told. Add text next time.

When I create my character in MMOs, I don't go specifically for a class. I have been Rogues, Paladins, Warriors, Priests and Mages. I even give the specialists a go if they are available. It's a similar story with the gender that I go for. It's not set, it just depends on what I feel comfortable with when I match the class to the race or faction.

After clicking through the available options, I decided to go for Explorer. At this point, I am still assuming that it's a Hunter/Ranger, perhaps I'm way off. But I like the idea, it looks kinda cool and I don't usually play as ranged classes. For this one, I opt for female. I don't always choose female, I go with what I think will fit. For example, the Night Elf Priest I made in World of Warcraft was a fella. That choice was partially due to the fact that female Avatars look like shit. But I was happy with that. My Rogue in Shariya on the other hand was female though. It suited better I thought. So for ARGO, it's female!

I like editors. I used to spend hours in the Capcom vs SNK 2 editor and that was only for colours. I would spend hours on hours changing every character and create a new colour set for them. Each one always ended up black and red though. But still, it was cool. I used the make kits on Pro Evolution Soccer too. Tweak the colours and design of created teams. Hours of fun! Because of this, I would say that I am a pro when it comes to editors, and ARGO's editor quite frankly rocks. It's great for an MMO. It really is quite robust and it offers plenty of options.

To begin, it's hair colour. I always choose silver. I'm an Anime fan so what do you expect. It looks Anime at least, in real life it just looks old. Still going through the colour selections and I opt for a pale skin tone that is pale. That's all there is, you can have a green tinge but the skin offerings are pretty slim. As usual I go for a purple iris and similar lip colour. Yep, I can choose that. As I said, the editor offers up some great stuff. There are some tattoos but I don't fancy any of those. So now I move onto the body. This again is pretty solid. I can change nose, lips, head. Mess with limb thicknesses and the rest. I make some minor adjustments, go for the not to tall, but taller than average height and set the hips. I'm happy. She looks great.

I look over to see if there is anything else and then click. It's time to go! Wait! Strangely, it offers the chance to choose a tunic. Your starting clothing. Too late. But because I am me, I can't have that. I need to see what I have missed. So I shut down the game and reload. Now, I didn't mention this earlier, but it took two attempts to create my character. Halfway through the first try I had a connection error. So this is going to be the 4th time of seeing the Noblian cutscene. And no, I still didn't know about using Escape.

I checked the tunics and to be honest, I could have been wearing a better one. The others (there are three) are much better than the one I have equipped. Mine looks like shit, she looks as if she...I don't know, it just looks shit. This bothers me, but I'm not going through all of that bollocks again. I'll stick with what I have even though it will bother me. Fuck it. I'm not going to put in the effort to do it again, I don't put in much effort to socialize with people, and that has a much higher importance that this character creation. My tolerance for others is something that I ignore improving, so why would I bother here. I fucking hate loud talkers! Jesus Christ these cutscenes have pissed me off! Just say Press Escape next time!!

Well, now I have a character that I am happy enough with. I called her Irisi. I usually go with Iris. But that was taken by someone. I will go with some take on Iris with female characters if the original option isn't available. So I don't mind this. Anyway, here is the pretty lady.

The next step now is the replace that clothing which I hope I can do pretty soon. Going by the averages, it shouldn't take long.

Well then, time for some Quests!

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